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Our belief is that the ownership of the underlying land is an important part of both risk and return in monetizing environmental credits.

Working Lands Investment Partners, LLC is an independent investment management firm committed to generating superior returns for clients by investing in rapidly growing environmental markets for wetlands mitigation credits, water quality and quantity instruments, habitat banking, and carbon. Our investment strategy provides clients access to these newly emerging markets while supplementing returns with traditional income from activities such as timber management and recreation. Our goal is to provide a real asset exposure with long term secular growth potential, low correlation to other asset classes, and consistent cash flow generation.

Financial returns from environmental credits are expanding at a rapid pace due to a growing recognition that these market mechanisms can provide needed avenues for infrastructure projects and other land development activities to mitigate their environmental impact. Working Lands Investment Partners, LLC offers clients exposure to these markets by creating a diversified portfolio of land investments that combine steady returns from natural resources, with significant upside potential from a new, expanding asset class.


By providing access to emerging environmental markets we create opportunities for investors.

Our Strategy for Success. Simplified.

Locate: proprietary research processes allow for targeting of ideal sites

Evaluate: determine potential uplift and restoration for environmental as well as traditional land productivity

Generate: capitalize on traditional land values enhanced with the sale of environmental credits for superior returns


WLIP’s seasoned team and collective experience allows for easy navigation through a complex marketplace.

Experienced leadership brings victories to the environment.

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